The State of Online Video Report - Q2 2017

As social video continues to thrive, more brands, media companies and influencers are taking advantage of the medium as a means to reach and engage with consumers and fans.This report takes an in depth look at the benchmarking and growth numbers that matter to you and your social video strategy. 

  • Global Video Trends - New leaders are still surfacing on YouTube and Facebook; incumbency advantage is stronger on YouTube
  • Sponsored Video - Audience growth begets monetization; media and entertainment drive sponsored video views on Facebook and Influencers drive sponsored video views on YouTube
  • Where are Media Companies Active - Digital first, print and broadcast media and entertainment companies are taking different approaches to social video
  • Content Trends - Genres are shifting ground between platforms
  • What is Considered to be Successful? - Benchmarks remain consistent with Q1 2017

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